Every member has the opportunity to participate at the local, state and congressional level. The TMCMS/WSMA works closely with groups and individuals to ensure medicine’s “place at the table,” and that you and your medical practice remain strong and viable elements within this community. There are over 9,000 members statewide; 300 in Thurston and Mason Counties.

Every physician specialty is represented. Through the Interspecialty Council, each specialty has the opportunity to bring issues and concerns before private and government groups, and provide direction on hundreds of legislative and policy issues.

Every member may take advantage of free and discounted CME opportunities.

Professional, full-time Governmental Affairs and Legal staff are available to you year around.

Professional Liability Insurance – A $300 annual discount on professional liability insurance when insured by Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company.

Washington Medical Political Action Committee (WAMPAC) – Voluntary participation in one of the State’s most powerful political action groups that works to support candidates for public office who support the goals of physicians and their patients.

Frequent TMCMS Newsletters and Monthly Message from the WSMA President – Keeping you apprised of local physician news, membership events, and thoughts and special announcements from the medical society.

Membership Memo – A twice monthly WSMA publication for members that includes updates of state and congressional activities, important “calls to action,” quick fax surveys to get your opinion on specific issues, CME announcements, new member benefits, etc.

WSMA Reports – Monthly publication with more in-depth news articles concerning Washington physicians, medical practice, policy issues, and medical liability.

Grievance Mediation – The Medical Society offers free patient-physician and physician-physician grievance mediation for member physicians. Grievances are most often settled in this informal setting, rather than before the State Medical Quality Assurance Commission.

Referrals to Your Practice – Within your specialty and sub-specialties.

Large Discounts – CME courses, disability insurance, Medical Legal Handbook, car rental, low-interest Gold MasterCard, student loan consolidations, and more.

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