Suicide Prevention

2021 TMCMS Annual Meeting Keynote by Dr. Pamela Wible

Please click here to view the keynote presentation entitled Healing Our Healers: Preventing Suicide Among Health Professionals.

Dr. Pamela Wible
Pamela Wible is an American physician and activist who promotes community-designed medical clinics; she also maintains a suicide prevention hotline for medical doctors and medical students. The following are articles written by her on the subject.

Doctor revived after suicide. Here's what he says.

Why happy doctors die by suicide.

Breaking through a 'cloud of silence': One physician's suicide offers lessons for prevention.

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Suicide Prevention

Crisis Intervention and Prevention

Vital Signs
To help raise greater awareness about the physician suicide epidemic and to provide physicians the tools to attend to their own well-being, the Physicians Foundation has launched Vital Signs, a new educational campaign. Vital Signs features a webpage to help understand the warning signs to look for in someone who may be suicidal and provides a guide to help start a conversation with a physician about whom a colleague may be concerned. Learn more.