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Blogger's Rights and Code of Ethics

Charlene Li of Forrester published this famous Blogger’s Code of Ethics specifically for corporate blogging but it applies across the board and is used as a foundation by many bloggers and companies.

  1. I will tell the truth.
  2. I will write deliberately and with accuracy.
  3. I will acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly.
  4. I will preserve the original post, using notations to show where I have made changes so as to maintain the integrity of my publishing.
  5. I will never delete a post. (TMCMS reserves the right to delete any post that is inflammatory in nature or discriminates against any protected class.)
  6. I will not delete comments unless they are spam or off-topic.
  7. I will reply to emails and comments when appropriate, and do so promptly.
  8. I will strive for high quality with every post – including basic spell checking.
  9. I will stay on topic.
  10. I will disagree with other opinions respectfully.
  11. I will link to online references and original source materials directly.
  12. I will disclose conflicts of interest.
  13. I will keep private issues and topics private, since discussing private issues would jeopardize my personal and work relationships.

Thank you for keeping this a safe and informative space for TMCMS members!

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